Examples of AWL source code modules


Basic algorythmic and mathematical problems
(using only console I/O)
ack.awl [ack.log] Calculating Ackermann function
beersong.awl [beersong.log] N bottles of beer on the wall...
bintree.awl [bintree.log] Binary trees (with sorted numeric/string values)
bitcount.awl [bitcount.log] Different methods to count bits in a word
complex.awl Source module: implements complex numbers
(class "complex")
complex_test.awl [complex_test.log] Complex numbers test
(requires <complex.awl>)
determ.awl [determ.log] Calculating determinants of numeric matrices
factorial.awl [factorial.log] Calculating factorials of large numbers
fract.awl [fract.log] Calculating periodic decimal fractions
guess.awl "Guess the number" simple interactive game
hanoi.awl [hanoi.log] Solving Towers of Hanoi problem for N discs
hello.awl [hello.log] Hello, world!
matprod.awl [matprod.log] Calculating matrix products
multab.awl [multab.log] Just a multiplication table (until M*N)
pascal.awl [pascal.log] Pascal triangle (with N rows)
perm_comb.awl [perm_comb.log] Permutations/combinations recursive generator
primes.awl [primes.log] Finding N first prime numbers
polynom.awl Source module: implements polynomial algebra
(class "poly")
poly_test.awl [poly_test.log] Polynomial algebra test
(requires <polynom.awl>)
queens.awl [queens.log] Solving N queens problem
ratio.awl Source module: implements rational numbers system
(class "ratio")
ratio_test.awl [ratio_test.log] Rational numbers algebra test
(requires <ratio.awl>)
rnd_test.awl [rnd_test.log] Simple random numbers test

Basic tests of windows and graphic output
(requiring <winter.awl>)
winter.awl Source module for windowing interface
DrawDemo1.awl Graphics demo #1: points and lines plotting
DrawDemo2.awl Graphics demo #2: graphic objects and recursive graphic wrappers
DrawDemo3.awl Graphics demo #3: graphic objects scaling
DrawDemo4.awl Graphics demo #4: colored chords and wedges
DrawDemo5.awl Graphics demo #5: inter screen/image blitting
DrawDemo6.awl Graphics demo #6: inter screen/image blitting
FontDemo.awl Text output test (using varying fonts and styles)
FontDemo1.awl Text output test: national charsets
FractalCurves.awl Fractal curves (Sierpinski, Hilbert, dragon)
FractalSets.awl Fractal sets (Mandelbrot, Julia, Newton)
FractalAttr.awl Attractors (Lorenz, Clifford, Peter de Long, Ikeda)
Interfer.awl Interference patterns from several waves sources
Apollonian.awl Apollonian circles
Impossible.awl Physically "impossible" geometric objects
RGBCube.awl 3D cube in RGB color space
Periodic.awl Periodic table of elements
SortDemo.awl Miscellaneous sorting methods demo
FuncGraph.awl Simple function graphs plotter
Object3D.awl 3D objects viewer widget (requires <Matrix3D.awl>)
WinTrace.awl Windows system debugging test with detailed message tracing

Several simple games
(requiring <winter.awl>)
Game15.awl Game of 15, a very simple puzzle
LifeGame.awl Conway's game of Life
MasterMind.awl MasterMind (aka "bulls and cows")
Rubik.awl Classic (3*3*3) Rubik's cube

Simple meta-document tests
(requiring winter.awl and metadoc.awl)
Anguished.awl "Anguished English" by Rechard Lederer
BeerSong.awl N bottles of beer on the wall... (document)
DocDemo1.awl Fonts, styles and paragraph formatting test
DocDemo2.awl User-defined styles test
MultTab.awl Multiplication table (as meta-document)
Reform.awl Mark Twain's English Spelling Reform

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