List of functor categories

List: List functors [total 32]:

Functors, expecting/returning lists.

Stream: Stream functors [total 6]:

Input/output functors and stream operations.

String: String functors [total 31]:

Functors, expecting/returning string values.

Constructor: Constructor functors [total 9]:

Functors, constructing instances of structured types.

Pattern: Pattern functors [total 9]:

Functors, expecting/returning patterns.

Meta: Meta-operations [total 2]:

Implicit meta-operations (expecting terms as operands).

Coercion: Coercion functors [total 4]:

Scalar coercion unary functors.

Debug: Debugging functors [total 3]:

Functors for debugging/tracing.

Iterator: Iterator functors [total 10]:

Functors, evaluating some argument(s) iteratively.

Decoder: Decoding functors [total 5]:

Functors, converting strings to numeric values.

Nullary: Nullary functors [total 6]:

Functors, expecting no arguments.

Numeric: Numeric functors [total 57]:

Functors, expecting/returning numeric values.

Scalar: Scalar functors [total 67]:

Functors, expecting/returning scalar values.

Object: Object/class functors [total 9]:

Functors, expecting/returning classes and/or class instances.

Eval: Evaluators [total 6]:

Functors for specific argument(s) evaluation.

Compare: Comparator functors [total 14]:

Functors, performing ordered compare and returning sign.

System: System operations [total 1]:

Miscellaneous system functors.

Array: Array functors [total 11]:

Functors, expecting/returning arrays.

Wrapper: Wrapper functors [total 2]:

Functors, evaluating some argument(s) with additional prologue/epilogue.

Mutable: Mutable functors [total 7]:

Functors, returning mutable result.

Hash: Hash functors [total 12]:

Functors, expecting/returning hashes.

Unary: Unary functors [total 44]:

Functors, expecting one argument.

Term: Term functors [total 2]:

Functors, expecting/returning terms.

Encoder: Encoding functors [total 3]:

Functors, converting numeric values to strings.

Func: Functional functors [total 11]:

Functors, expecting functors as operand(s).

Binary: Binary functors [total 35]:

Functors, expecting two arguments.

Conditional: Conditional functors [total 11]:

Functors, evaluating some argument(s) on specified condition.

Ternary: Ternary functors [total 4]:

Functors, expecting three arguments.

Mutator: [total 13]:

Functors, changing value(s) of operands.

Predicate: Predicate functors [total 22]:

Functors, returning boolean values.

(Total 30 categories.)

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